About BiztiMe

BiztiMe is a collection of applications for small businesses. The applications are designed to be very quick to setup and use.

We are big fans of simple tools here. We think long and hard about every little thing that we add, and examine other similar tools to try find the best approach to take.

Invoices application

We were using a really good invoicing application, and realised that even though it was very easy to use, it was still not good enough.

For example, when creating an invoice, we would first need to create the customer, create the products that would be in the invoice, and finally create the invoice, all in totally separate pages in the application.

What we've done is to make it all so simple that if you are in the middle of creating an invoice and realise you haven't yet created the product you want to add - you can do it right there and then within the form!

Tasks application

We are currently working on this one. We want to create a very simple tasks list which integrates naturally with the other applications that we have. At the moment, you can create tasks, and track time spent on those tasks.

Who are we

KV Sites is a company based in Ireland that focuses on web development and website creation.

We created this website mostly through a need for the tools ourselves. Instead of using many individual tools, we wanted a single place to go to which would bring them all together.

Our goal is to use this site for all business purposes. If it works perfectly for us, then it will work perfectly for others!