What's New



  • 14

    Added time-tracking to tasks.

  • 07

    Added new Shares tab, which lets you give people access to some of your data. For example, this lets you give your accountant access to all your invoices, but nothing else.

  • 06

    You can now add new tasks directly from the dashboard.

    Outstanding Invoices portlet now only shows invoices, no quotes.

    Fix issues #30, #31.

  • 03

    Invoices can now be marked as Quote or Invoice. Separate templates for each as well.

    You can edit an invoice by clicking it in the dashboard.

    You can pay an invoice from the dashboard.


  • 24

    Tasks section added.

    Dashboard created.

  • 03

    Add Search to invoices.

    in Customers, if the number of invoices is clicked, you are now brough to the Invoices tab with the clicked customer filtered.


  • 27

    Pre-fill paid value when clicked.

  • 23

    Correct bug which showed incorrect values in invoice.

  • 14

    Video created, demoing milestone 1.



  • 23

    You can now import invoices, products, customers from Simple Invoices.

  • 22

    New logo!

  • 21

    You can now export your invoices as PDFs.

  • 19

    Bizti is now available for download on GitHub - if you want to use Bizti for your own business, but don't want us to manage it for you, feel free to download it and install it yourself. Available here: github.


  • 21

    Login using Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

  • 20

    You can now upload your logo and company details, for use in invoices.

    Finally! You can now create a full invoice and print it.

  • 18

    Tax is now calculate correctly and recorded in the database separately from invoice totals.

    To delete an invoice, click to edit it, then tick the "delete invoice" box and click "Save"

    You can edit, create, and delete customers directly from the Customers tab.

    You can edit, create, and delete products firectly from the Products tab.

    Payment records can now be viewed in the Payments tab.

  • 17

    Today, we finished the creation/editing of invoices. You can create customers, create products/services, create tax types, and record invoices.

    You can't yet print out the invoice, but so far, we're very happy with progress.